Read my full disclosure policy. Trace and cut that sucker on to the back of your fabric and be sure to flip the pattern over for the second half. One was a little small and I had to try again. Building hand and rod style puppets is a very fun and fairly inexpensive hobby. Tip: When cutting your pattern out of fur, be sure to cut it about a 1/4" oversized all the way around. It all starts with making a likeness of yourself. Series 2 (no. Professional level puppets are usually made using reticulated foam structures and nylon fleece aka Antron fleece. I agree with Adam Kreutinger when he says matte eyes look better. As with any craft, watching, trying, and playing around with the make is so much fun. Once that was all done I had an assembled puppet ready for facial features! I would love to see what you come up with! Great job. Work the right hand of the puppet with the left hand of the puppeteer. Project Puppet has a great guide and free plans on the construction of hands. Hair: Really nice faux fur can be purchased from the fabric store and it can be sewn together just like regular fabric. In PART TWO of his 3-part “How to Build a Hand & Rod Puppet” course series, BJ Guyer (CRANK YANKERS, THE MUPPETS, GLEE) shows you how to flesh out your puppet understructures using a wide variety of foam fabrication, patterning and sewing techniques -- including creating head shapes, body forms, hands, ears and more! Hobey Ford Puppeteer rod puppet demo 6 - Duration: 3:51. Carina here. Making hands takes a lot of time and care. Kathleen Lewis 3,231 views. Start from the base of the finger and work back, tying off the stitch right before the wire rod enters the puppet's wrist. This plate is made using foam core board from the craft store. Be sure to become a member of our crafting list so you do not miss out on our crafts and our FREE downloads. I'm particularly fond of knitting, sewing, wool crafts and any odd or fun that teaches me something new. Very funny! Scissors will ruin your material! I use the same method and they turn out great! Start by tracing your pattern on the foam. (I used a Sharpie paint pen. That’s where it got a little difficult. Series 1 (no. See more ideas about puppets, puppetry, puppet making. Plastic Spoons (or the materials for the eyes in the video series), Sewing machine (or you can sew all by hand), Hard plastic (I used the lid off an ice cream bucket), Spray Paint or any paint that will adhere to the foam. Even my twin girls loved making theirs! I also use 20mm doll joints in the cast to attach them to the puppet. Then I cut out the tongue, and attached it before I moved on to the part I found the most difficult. They are carved and sanded to shape. Since one is probably operating the face, make at least one hand movable to give your puppet even more life. The puppet almost looks like the muppet version of a caricature. Share it with us! I have filled the arms with pillow stuffing and foam tubes. My girls had been using a lot of my polymer clay for their own crafts that I was left with a box of bits and pieces. The fleece is attached using hot glue and held in place with Topstick toupee tape while i sew them on the the head. Of course, I added eye lashes with a sharpie at the ends. Well, maybe you should check your email to see if he has sent you the PDF(he may or may not have already sent it and you may or may not have already checked, but what do I know?). I use corset boning to hold the opening for your arm open. Kreutinger Puppets! Swim your puppet in different directions and different speeds, eat underwater plants, and get creative! The hand puppet should be roughly the size of your hand from your wrist to the tips of your fingers. How to Make a Hand & Rod Muppet Style Puppet - Bettes Makes. Carina here. Adding features to your puppet is what will really make the character come to life. When using fleece, be mindful of the grain of the fabric. I used a silicone egg mold from amazon to make the shape. Marionette Puppet Sock Puppets Shadow Puppets Hand Puppets Finger Puppets Ventriloquist Puppets Puppet Patterns Doll Patterns Sewing Projects. How to make Patterns and Puppets, Hand and Rod Puppets: A Handbook of Technique, Barista Stencils You Can Make With Your Cricut, Easy Paper Poinsettia Using Your Cricut and Foil Tool, Arabesque Tile Ornaments Using Paper Layering. (Hint: it's a pain in the butt.). Trace around your hand on a piece of paper while extending your thumb. May 23, 2013 - Explore Kathleen Houlihan's board "Foam Puppets" on Pinterest. It’s well worth the watch and the craft! Except, I didn’t have any fur for hair. I used a head pattern that I purchased from James Kemp and free hand patterns from Project Puppet . Of course, once I stumbled across it, I had to make myself a Muppet-Style puppet! A tight hinge is sewn at the corner of head and chin corners. I suggest starting off simple and stay inspired! I'd say that's a pretty good sign of success. The only downside is that upholstery foam is a little less forgiving, so take your time when gluing the pieces together. Here is where I suggest you start watching the videos. This will allow you to fold the fabric under itself all the way around to hide the raw edge of the matte that the hair is attached to for a nice natural hairline. @gearboxdesigns (Instagram & Facebook). Kreutinger Puppets! Then attached them to the puppet. Quarter inch plywood would be a great alternative if you have a jigsaw. It can even be sewn on for a nice finished look. Material possibilities are limitless! it's just sewn in to the fabric. ... How To Make Shadow Puppets With Your Hand - Duration: 2:42. Lightly stipple glue to the edges of the mouth plate and the inside of the lip of your puppet. The puppets can be carved from wood, or cut out of leather. has some great patterns for beginners. Making a Hand & Rod Muppet-Style Puppet Pushes the Imagination. Once the arm is constructed, sew the arm and hand covering. 2 Roll felt cylinders and stuff them with cotton for arms. I know I didn't go over the body, but, it's much like the head: patterns and glue. Twist your fingers to move the tail and head. Use the rod only when the puppet has a specific action. All in all, it was fun! I use my sewing machine for this, but it can easily be sewn by hand. Then also sanded the tops of them so they weren’t shiny anymore. I get it now! About: My name is David and I make things... geeky things. It was a perfect craft that kept my weekend busy! There are endless possibilities to the materials and methods, so don't feel limited by anything you see here. Puppetry, puppeteering. Jan 28, 2018 - Explore Dalit Plitzchouk's board "How to Build a Quality Puppet", followed by 343 people on Pinterest. Wayang golek rod puppets. And it’s more reliable and less expensive & time-consuming than animatronics, and far cheaper than creating an … I used duct tape as the hinge and it didn't hold up, so I went with gaffers tape instead. Begin with a chunk of 1/2" dowel and cut or sand a long angle on it. so I rummaged around his channel and found the arms that I wanted to go with my Muppet-Style puppet. Feb 21, 2017 - Making a Hand and Rod Puppet of Frank Reynolds. Puppets can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Oct 24, 2015 - Tips and ideas from other people for how to construct a puppet. Bette and I give away all of our patterns on each and every blog post we write. It all starts with making a likeness of yourself. I do hope you have a chance to make a muppet-style puppet like I did. I have been crafting and making things all my life. Once they are dry, slowly begin attaching them together. Rod puppetry is a step up from hand puppetry in complexity, as far as the amount of maneuverability and the freedom from the limitations of a performer's physiology. Be sure to only cut the fur from the back of the material using a razor knife. The easiest is the whipstitch. In the video, he had an extra piece of stretchy fabric going from the neck into the body. I have been strictly working with upholstery foam because of its availability. I'm sure the next one will not be the same as this one, so use your imagination! See more ideas about puppets, puppet patterns, puppet making. Each puppet has a head which can swivel and jointed arms that can be moved by the thin rods they are fastened too. *Semipro tip: You can safely remove two pieces that have been glued together with contact cement by gently heating the parts with a hair drier. Foam hands! Aug 24, 2017 - Explore Ryan Ward's board "Hand and Rod Puppets" on Pinterest. My favorite so far is casting them in a mold. The pattern had 54 pieces. But, that’s okay mistakes is how we learn! All I saw was the thumbnail and instantly knew who that was supposed to be. Man professor store clerk hand and rod puppet movable mouth interactive toy autism vip kids social skills visual aid photographer aid puppetsbymargie. Then printed them out and taped some pieces together. I cut off the ends and sanded them down to look like an oval. Then I followed the rest of the steps, adding felt to the eyes to create a lash and eyelid. Then it was time to make the eyes. Then sew the hole shut. Once they have dried, carefully put the pieces together and use a needle or awl to pinch the edges of the hands together. Contact cement only adheres to itself and only once it has dried to the touch, so let your glued pieces sit for a good ten minutes or so. I also take this time to add a uvula and tongue using felt or craft foam. Wayang golek rod puppets are used in the traditional shadow puppet theatre originating in West Java. Next, trace the mouth plate on to a piece of red felt and glue them together for the inside of the mouth. Hand and rod puppets, hand puppets, sock puppets. I construct my noses and ears with very dense styrofoam. Imagine it! Learn about topics such as How to Make a Hand Puppet, How to Make Puppets, How to Create a Marionette, and more with our helpful step-by-step instructions with photos and videos. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. I purchased the head pattern for this puppet from It is your creation. I will take you through my process quickly and then at the end of the post you can go directly to the YouTube channel link. There are lots of great tutorials on the web for various stitches. Once that was done, I just stuck the wires on with some epoxy glue and voila! Puppeteers must still learn to make all the puppet movement believable. This one is fairly simple but will require a little practice on some scraps. The Muppet's other arm (usually the right) is posed in a neutral position at their side, or just left limp. Now here is the fun stuff! Hello all! Altogether I made three puppets. 3 months ago. I rounded the top with my pliers, added the jewelry wire, twisting them to make long fingers then had a blast with the glue gun putting it all together. You can find some of my downloadables in the resource library as well. The McCall Pattern Company produced Sesame Street hand puppet patterns in 1983. You could also use leather or thick fabric instead. Really nice project ,love the puppet. The main structure of a puppet is made entirely of 1/2" foam. From shop puppetsbymargie. Once every piece is cut, use a scrap chunk of foam as a stippling applicator for your contact cement.
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