Because Coco Coir is so fine there is plenty of space available for roots allowing optimum oxygen exposure. Coco coir is so environmentally friendly that it is reusable. In a comparison of coco peat vs. soil, the peat retains much more water and releases it slowly to plant roots. I like the setup Mr Canucks has with the Gaia green line but I haven't been able to find that in the states. I'm wanting to go with dry Amendments so I can top dress and water. It does break down at a faster rate, but overall, the lightweight fibers provide enough air pockets for roots to breathe. Hydroponic nutrients will work in place of coco coir nutrients however a Calcium & Magnesium supplement will be needed. Unlike peat moss, which is considered acidic with a pH level between 3.3 and 4, coco coir offers a neutral pH between 5.2 and 6.8, eliminating the need for treatment with lime. That’s also a dry nutrient in case you were interested in using dry nutrients still (powder form). Because different nutrients are soluble at different pH, it is best to allow the pH to drift up and down within the … @MickFoster grows his girls in GH MaxiBloom from veg to bloom and that is probably as simple as it gets. The correct coco coir pH is around 5.8 in vegetation and 6.0-6.2 in flowering. Coco coir pH: the best pH for coco coir nutrients. The best nutrients for coco coir, hydroponics and soil FloraMax’s expertise in chemistry and plant biology is your key to higher yields Better flavours and higher yields: Ingredients are carefully balanced without nuisance chemicals to ensure harvest brings pure, clean flavours with no … Promotes Root Growth. Coco coir is fluffy like peat moss, so it provides exceptional aeration for plant roots. Coco coir proves to be a softer medium than soil, allowing the plant to develop thick and strong roots faster. As with all growing mediums, it is important to check the pH levels with every feed. As coco coir has no nutrients for the plant, buy a fertilizer that has been specially created for growing cannabis in coco coir. I provide specific advice about how much water for each event and discuss how to determine your coco coir watering frequency. It’s pH-neutral: With a natural pH range of 5.2 – 6.8, you will need still need to supplement the coir with nutrients because the pH levels will fluctuate. This will help you in keeping the nutrition of your cannabis under control. This coco watering guide answers all your questions about high frequency fertigation and how to water cannabis in coco. I know he uses: MOKOKO premium coco substrate Gaia Green All Purpose 4-4-4 Gaia Green Bloom 2-8-4 I include a coco coir watering schedule to help you set the timing of multiple daily fertigation events. It’s important that you monitor your coco coir nutrient solution for pH to ensure that your weed plants’ roots can properly take in the fertilizer you’re feeding them. What are good Nutrients for growing in Coco Coir? Nutrient dense and moisture friendly, coco coir promotes a healthy environment for plant roots to thrive. Coco does not buffer the pH of nutrient solution as effectively as soil and therefore it is critical to set the pH of the nutrient solution inflow within the range of 5.5 to 6.5. Growing with coco-coir a pH level between 5.5 and 6.5 is recommended. You just need to rinse and strain it and it will work perfectly again. Must be a Canadian thing. Coco coir with perlite and simple coco nutrients is the way to go. Coco Coir nutrients Coco coir, coconut fibers ground into a soil-like media is becoming an increasingly used gardening and hydroponic soil alternative. Coco peat gardening is also used as a soil amendment, potting mix, and in hydroponic production.
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