The Karakachan Dog is one of Europe’s oldest breeds. These kid-friendly, territorial dogs are effective at herd protection against predators and theft. If you want to know why, see my review article here. During the winter season, they assisted in guarding the sheep while they moved to the lowlands. Their female counterparts are just a couple of inches shorter. And for information on how to train livestock guardian dog breeds with positive methods, check out a review on my favorite training program here. Unfortunately, this also caused the loss of more Karakachan dogs. Teeth brushing is recommended every few days. See more ideas about livestock guardian dog, livestock guardian, dog breeds. Brave and Loyal: An Illustrated Celebration of Livestock Guardian Dogs. In this way, they have constant interaction with the animals that they will be protecting. If you do need to clip their nails, either have a professional do it or make sure you have industrial strength nail clippers to ensure you do not damage their nails. However, their reputation as wonderful livestock guardian dogs has helped increase their popularity. The Karakachan bear dogs are very intelligent, vigilant, dominant, proud, brave and independent. There’s a dog for everyone and every lifestyle! The government was vicious towards these dogs. Karakachan Dogs are some of the oldest Livestock Guarding Dogs that originated in Bulgaria. Find Karakachan Dog Breeders in Hopefield. Besides that, I’ve also dog-sat; fostered, and rehomed as well. Their bodies are well-muscled and athletic in appearance. Urbigkit, Cat. Skip to content 171 Tanglewood Drive Canton, GA 30115 | (770) 667-6464 | If you are interested in adopting a Karakachan from a rescue, check out my article, Rescue Livestock Guardian Dogs – Should You Get One? Active Membership Alabama Daniel and Sawyer Gullion Foggy Ridge Farms 72 Peck Mtn. Karakachan dogs come in two coat varieties – short-haired and long-haired. At this point, flocks and farms in their entirety were nationalized. Morris, Desmond. We have a wide variety of Kune Kune piglets, Karakachan mountain livestock guardian dogs, also known as Bear Dog, Bulgarian shepherds, Ovcarsko kuche and Thracian Mollos. For this reason, we only sell to working farms. Raising True Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs. Yes, Karakachans can make wonderful family companions if properly trained, exercised, and socialized. We have our puppies registered through IKDA. Norfolk County < 25 minutes ago. Life span: 12-14 years. The animals were at Rozhen National Festival 2015. Raising Karakachans as Family Pets: Too Much Dog for Your Household or Just Right? Full grown: Males: 88-120 pounds. They are all under the umbrella of the “Molossers.” For more on these other breeds, check out my articles, Caucasian Ovcharkas and Central Asian Shepherds. For more information on Karakachan livestock protection dogs, please call Cindy Kolb (540) 994-9269 or see her southwest Virginia farm’s website . Past Puppies For Sale Questions / Puppy Buying Interest: • (563) 349-8269 • Facebook 4 color choices: Black & White, White & Black, Red & White, Brown & White. The caloric needs of Karakachan dogs will vary depending on their size and their level of activity. New York: Skyhorse Publishing, 2016. Post-communist control, the government farms were eventually closed. Bulgarians recognized the need to save their native breeds of livestock guardian dogs and began searching out traditional animals that had not been touched by cross-breeding. They will need to be brushed a few times per week to prevent matting or debris build up in their coat. It has been our experience that the dogs are excellent with children and very protective of our family members. The top coat is typically fairly stiff and straight. All dogs are social, bonded to stock, are sterilized unless going into an approved breeding program, have all their puppy shots including rabies, wormed and pedigree. For more on determining how many livestock guardian dogs you need to run, see my article, How Many Livestock Guardian Dogs You Need. The Karakachan dog, is a breed that originated in Bulgaria. We use these intelligent, friendly animals on our own family goat farm and sell them to other ranchers and families throughout the region. We were very fortunate to be able to work with the Sedefchevs at BBPS Semperviva - the source for pure breed Karakachans in Bulgaria. After a year on the farm, and countless losses, we decided to get a pair of Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD). North Adams: Storey Publishing, 2016. Karakachans will also need quite a bit of training. May 15, 2013 - Bulgarian Karakachan Dog / Bulgarian Shepherd or Sheepdog / Thracian Mollos / Karakachansko Kuche / Karakachanska Ovcharka / Каракачанско куче / Каракачанска Овчарка. Selection of Karakachan|French Bulldog puppies needing good homes and surrounding areas to find your next furry puppy. It is popularly known as Karakachan or sometimes called Thracian Mollos. These pastures, in lower elevations, provided superior protection to the elements. The Best Livestock Guardian Dog Toys: Top Recommendations from DOZENS of Great Pyrenees Owners! They have a dense undercoat that helps with insulation from both cold and hot temperatures. Read facts about the Karakachan C Dog Breed including information about its country of origin, personality, life expectancy, history and more. Rare breed in USA. We have a lot of coyotes, black bears, and random neighbor dogs coming through our fields. Train Your Karakachan to Stop Barking: When You Don’t Want Fido to ‘Speak’, How to Keep Your Karakachan in the Yard or Pasture. Bulgaria now has one of the highest populations (per capita) of wolves and bears in Europe! We are excited to share the news that one of our Karakachan pups is working in Alaska and you can see her on the Discovery Channel TV Show, Alaska: The Last Frontier: Find out More - Things to Consider before adding a Karakachan LGD to your farm, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Find Karakachan|Bearded Collie|Norwegian Lundehund Dogs & Puppies for sale in URUGUAY. From the day the puppies are born, we have them and their mother in the pasture with select goats. Choosing a dog is a serious commitment. Great Pyrenees and Karakachan Livestock Guardians Whether you need a diligent working dog or a faithful pet, Lone Star Goats breeds top-choice canines for you. As livestock rearing made a comeback, so did the country’s natural predators. karakachan dog pups 3 to 6 months old should be fed three meals in a 24 hour period. However, these dogs’ dedication to their families and their ability to protect is increasing their popularity daily. We have a lot of coyotes, black bears, and random neighbor dogs coming through our fields. If you are considering adding Karakachans to your household, be certain you understand how to train using positive methods, and that you are willing to put considerable time and effort into your training your dogs. That way, older dogs can stay back with the flock while younger, more agile dogs can go after predators and patrol the perimeter. It does come with the risk of hip and elbow dysplasia as well as bloat, like any large breed dog. However, with Karakachans (or other working breeds) it is crucial to feed them balanced proportions of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in order to keep them in the best physical condition possible. They are not meant for apartment or city living and they are not recommended for first-time or inexperienced dog owners. [1] The dog is named after the Karakachans, Greek nomadic shepherds. Fainting Goats and Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs. The Karakachan people were highly victimized, and their nomadic ways of life forcibly ceased. The video is available in 3D at The Karakachan has primarily been used as a livestock guardian dog and a companion animal. Some dogs are very headstrong, while others are more eager to please their caretaker. The Karakachan was officially approved as a Bulgarian old native breed in 2005. Rada is our pride and joy at Syncope Falls Farm. The Karakachan is an independent working guard dog, and is not happy when it is not working. Breeders having more that 12,000 sheep owned approximately 100 dogs to protect the… If you are thinking of getting Karakachans for livestock guardian purposes, you may also be interested in: Male or Female Livestock Guardian Dogs: Which Is Better for Your Needs, How Many Livestock Guardian Dogs You Need, Training Livestock Guardian Dogs: The Ultimate Guide, Training Livestock Guardian Dogs to Chickens: A Step-by-Step Guide, Livestock Guardian Dogs Vs. She is completely fearless and takes her job very seriously, but is so gentle with the young goats that are in her care. The Karakachan is a rare livestock protection breed. We added Volo to our farm last July. The dark eyes are deeply placed, and can be quite expressive. to your household. He can be noisy, messy, and expensive, much like a child! ON BEHALF OF Karakachan dog 's name and the completion of its type Karakachan dog due to Karakachans.According to most scientists Karakachans Hellenized descendants of the Thracians.Their home has become Pindos Mountains, located in the historic district of Epirus, whose name we associate with the great Danes. Karakachan Bulgarian Shepherd dog and puppies for sale and adoption near me in United States. Gender . Other Names Karakachan Pronunciation (for the Bulgarian language) Balgarsko Ovcharsko Kuche Description Standard: Note: This standard has been prepared by Mr. Nicholay Atanassov, based on his own research on the Bulgarian Shepherd Dog breed. Around that time, a small collection of American farm owners started to import Karakachan dogs. Karakachan Dog and Karakachan Dog puppies - Information, Pictures and Videos. As with all working dogs and/or dogs with floppy ears, you will need to check and clean their ears regularly to prevent ear infections and dirt build up. As a landrace breed, the Karakachan comes in a wide variety of colors and types. While Karakachans can be more high maintenance than other breeds, they also can make the best of pets. Find Karakachan Dog Breed C in Linden. Below is a sample search of our Karakachan breeders with puppies for sale. A typical Mollos, created for guarding its owner’s flock and property, it does not hesitate to fight wolves or The Karakachan is a breed of dog that originated in Bulgaria as a mountain livestock guardian dog. ... Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs at En Gedi Grove family farm - Duration: 3:11. Many Karakachan caretakers can attest to their dogs’ protective, but sometimes silly, and always loving nature. Dedicated to preserving the rare livestock guardian dog of Bulgaria, the Karakachan, in the USA. Within the last 5 years, I’ve acquired experience by volunteer work at a dog training center. Click To Read - our thoughts and lessons learned: We are excited to share the news that one of our Karakachan pups is working in Alaska and you can see her on the Discovery Channel TV Show, Alaska: The Last Frontier: We have a wide variety of Kune Kune piglets, Karakachan mountain livestock guardian dogs, also known as Bear Dog, Bulgarian shepherds, Ovcarsko kuche and Thracian Mollos. They're all coming with registration, health card, all latest shots and microchip. This program is perfect for people who want to raise a livestock guardian dog as a pet. As you can probably guess, any animal that faints when it is scared needs protection when grazing. (males), 88-125 lbs. Browse through our site – hundreds of dog breeders in Canada. If you want to learn how to obedience train your dog using positive training methods, check out the online program, Brain Training for Dogs (affiliate link). The Karakachan bear dogs are very intelligent They take any threat seriously. Loyal yet independent, these dogs are extremely reliable protectors of livestock. The Karakachan dog, also known as the Bulgarian Shepherd, Thracian Mollos or Ovcharsko Kuche, is likely a breed you have not heard much about, such is their rarity. Sider says that with females in the mix, the males tend to perform better – perhaps out of natural instinct to protect those capable of continuing the breed. Search We also name the puppies in the Bulgarian tradition of observing their dominant personality traits or characteristics and naming accordingly. She has a perfect temperment and dispostion. Search . Male dogs can weigh in at around 100 to 125 lbs and females In this way, they have constant interaction with the animals that they will be protecting. Find Karakachan Puppies and Dogs for Adoption Today! The Best Livestock Guardian Dog Treats and Chews: Top Recommendations from DOZENS of Great Pyrenees Owners! See real-time photos and information about the dogs currently in the shelter nearest to you. Dedicated to preserving the rare livestock guardian dog of Bulgaria, the Karakachan, in the USA. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Karakachan dog may be a descendant of ancient Balkan domestic dogs, possibly since the time of the Thracians. Search Karakachan|french bulldog Dogs & Puppies Whenever my uncle used to come to town, he would give my dad a punch in the arm and get him in a playful head lock – you know, typical brother behavior.
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